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Inspiration & Engagement Is The Bedrock Of Successful Skills Development Solutions


We understand how hard it can be to resist using discounting as a one sided way of closing deals. When challenged by professional buyers, sales resources often lack the confidence and skill to stand their ground while maintaining and even improving the quality of their relationship with their customer. We've worked with some of the most successful sales organizations in the world to maintain and refine their competitive edge through the application of cutting edge negotiation strategies, tactics, techniques and tools. Starting by ensuring that your sales process doesn't regard negotiation as an event but as a process, we design and deliver powerful interventions that will equip your sales team with the competitive edge needed to beat the competition in critical transactions.


As a senior leader within the organization you face unique negotiation challenges. You need to ensure that the organization builds a negotiation capability at an organizational level and you need to be equipped with the skills, confidence and supporting tools required to get the best value for all stakeholders when you're at the negotiation table. Whether you're involved in closing major deals, buying or selling a business or implementing processes that support the consistent application of negotiation best practices throughout the enterprise, we have the Billion Dollar plus transaction experience, skills and methodology to help you craft an organizational negotiation strategy in tandem with equipping you to confidently lead your team in the most complex, high value and strategic negotiations you're likely to encounter.


We've worked with some of the world's biggest and most respected purchasing organizations over the past 16 years. We understand the challenges presented by obtaining a clear internal mandate and following a disciplined & structured approach to vendor negotiations. From designing customized negotiation simulations for critical vendor negotiations to assessing the specific negotiation skills development needs per category, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to equip you with the skills and confidence your team needs to go toe to toe with powerful sole and single source suppliers. 

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