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Gary Lucas is a Senior Coach with Imperium Negotiations, a management consultancy which enables the new class of elite business negotiators to immediately start saving time and money, increasing their earnings and building mutually rewarding, long term relationships.

Gary is an experienced and successful sales and management trainer who, unlike many trainers, has spent many years in the frontline of sales and sales management, succeeding in several challenging roles.

This depth of experience helps him to generate credibility, respect and rapport among senior managers and other professionals to design and deliver interventions that make a real difference.

Gary has worked with people in many different types of organization, in both public and Private sectors, in different functions and at each stage of the customer cycle: attracting new business; setting expectations; delivering quality; handling complaints and difficult situations.

His work is focused on helping people to develop excellent team and customer management skills and to establish a highly professional, self-learning culture.

The most effective format for a Learning and Development intervention always depends on the situation and the desired outcomes. Gary’s approach is to offer a totally customized blend of training and coaching to build confidence in new skills and support behavioral change and has the additional language capability to deliver in French.

Gary’s commitment to quality is summed up in three guiding principles:

Good training should be fun, relevant, challenging, interactive and engaging so it causes a shift in perspective. Good coaching should be empowering for people, boosting their self-esteem and reinvigorating their sense of their own potential so that they want to be challenged further. Good solutions are only good in the context of a customer’s needs and latent capabilities, so every intervention must be customized.

Gary began his sales career in IT magazine publishing at VNU where he sold advertising solutions to a range of computer companies and their advertising agencies. Rising quickly through the ranks, he was soon leading his own sales team at Redwood and then Dennis Publishing, which involved recruiting and training people to deliver results against increasingly ambitious growth targets. He held positions of Sales Manager, Publisher and then Advertisement Director where he trained and managed a team of 50 salespeople.

He next moved into the international arena as Sales Director responsible for global sales networks comprising both employees and sales agents for McGraw Hill and then EMAP. During this time he recruited, trained and led people from very different cultures selling into their local markets in the USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Seeking a new challenge, Gary then worked in senior business development roles in the internet and telecoms sectors, selling high value network solutions to international companies, before setting up as an independent consultant in 2002 specializing in improving sales, negotiation and leadership effectiveness.

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