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Jordi Servat is a Senior Coach with Imperium Negotiations, a management consultancy which enables the new class of elite business negotiators to immediately start saving time and money, increasing their earnings and building mutually rewarding, long term relationships.

Jordi is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer  of Gestion del Cambio Empresarial, based in Barcelona & Madrid, Spain.

Jordi has an industrial engineering background, complemented by an MBA from the world renowned IESE in Barcelona. He has more than 20 years cross industry commercial experience in senior roles such as Marketing Director, Commercial Director and General Manager in both national & international organizations.

In addition to leading negotiation seminars, Jordi also coaches & consults to his client base in the disciplines of Sales and Managerial Skills.  Jordi regularly lectures at business schools and is considered an expert in the domains of purchasing, sales & executive negotiations.

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