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Negotiation is the lifeblood of business:

negotio, negotiare, negotiavi, negotiatus


conjugation: 1st conjugation


  • carry on business

  • trade


Age: In use throughout the ages


When you trace the meaning of the word 'negotiate' back to its Latin roots, you learn that it was coined as a term that described any and everything that was 'not leisure'.

In other words, when you were doing business you were negotiating. In the modern world, we have created so many functional disciplines in business (sales, purchasing, finance, technical, legal etc.) that the realization and understanding that negotiation is at the very heart of business is lost on most people, but not on those who negotiate enterprise deals.

mega (adjective) deal (noun)

Business deals that have at least 4 of the 6 characteristics listed below:

  • High value transactions (At least $1m, often tens & hundreds of millions and occasionally more than $1billion)

  • Multiple stakeholders

  • Team based interaction

  • Multiple issues (products, services, solutions etc.)

  • Multi cultural

  • Strategic


Imperium Negotiations Solutions was established with the singular intent to equip leading organizations and individuals who negotiate enterprise level deals with the cutting edge strategies, tactics, techniques and supporting tools to maximize the outcome of every single negotiation opportunity.

The Executive Team is led by Jan Potgieter and he is supported by a team of global negotiation experts totally dedicated to business negotiation excellence.

Many companies and most people think of negotiation as an event that takes place when it comes to discussing formal contracts. On the other hand, the world's most successful deal makers and leaders depart from a perspective that negotiation is a process.

The two percent of mega deal business negotiators that realize highly unusual results understand that negotiation takes place between people and that the determining factor of your and your organization's success is your ability to connect with, motivate and negotiate with other people successfully.

​What Makes Imperium Negotiation Solutions Different:

​We’re work exclusively with individuals and organizations who participate in corporate, enterprise level negotiations. Business negotiation is a specialized skill. Conflict resolution negotiation is a specialized skill. Hostage negotiation is a specialized skill. Labor union negotiation is a specialized skill. The great Michael Jordan tried his hand at baseball…and that didn’t work out well. See, he was without a doubt one of the world’s greatest sportsmen ever. His specialized sporting skills were in the area of basketball and these skills did not translate into success in another sporting code.

Sure, you can bet your bottom dollar that great sports stars have a lot in common when it comes to mind set, discipline, high pain thresholds, the desire to win etc. But in addition to these shared characteristics, they need to master very different strategies, skills & tactics to be successful in their respective sporting codes. Just because you’re a successful NFL player does not mean that you will be good at racing Indy car.


In the same way, there are many people and organizations who teach negotiation skills to business people. Many of these ‘experts’ come from other negotiation disciplines – mediation, hostage negotiation, tactical business negotiation in simple negotiation environments or from the world of academia.


At Imperium Negotiation Solutions we don’t think that we have or pretend to have the solution for all kinds of negotiations. We specialize in only one kind of negotiation: equipping people in the business world with the strategies, tactics, techniques, skills and supporting tool sets they need to be successful in negotiation high value, large and complex business transactions.


Period. That is all we do.


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