Negotiation is the lifeblood of business. When you trace the meaning of the word 'negotiate' back to its Latin roots, you learn that it was coined as a term that described any and everything that was 'not leisure'. In other words, when you were doing business you were negotiating. In the modern world, we have created so many functional disciplines in business (sales, purchasing, finance, technical, legal etc.) that the realization and understanding that negotiation is at the very heart of business is lost on most people.

Imperium Global Negotiations was established against this backdrop to equip leading organizations and individuals with the cutting edge strategies, tactics, techniques and supporting tools to maximize the outcome of every single negotiation opportunity. The Executive Team is led by Jan Potgieter and he is supported by a team of global negotiation experts totally dedicated to business negotiation excellence.


Many companies and most people think of negotiation as an event that takes place when it comes to discussing formal contracts. On the other hand, the world's most successful entrepreneurs and leaders depart from a perspective that negotiation is a process. The two percent of business negotiators that realize highly unusual results understand that negotiation takes place between people and that the determining factor of your and your organization's success is your ability to connect with, motivate and negotiate with other people successfully.

To help you realize optimal results from all of your buy and sell side negotiations, we rely on the expertise & experience of seasoned and proven professional business negotiators.


Our approach immunizes you against two key current trends in business casting their shadow over you whether you like it or not. Successfully dealing with the challenges thrown out by these two trends separates the average negotiators from the elite level negotiators.

What Makes Imperium Negotiations Different:

1. Negotiation is complex!

You negotiate with people, and people are complex beings–not linear or sequential. In addition, you may be dealing with global multi-cultural or multi-lingual situations that call for superior skills. Quite simply, this means that if you follow a linear, sequential, five or seven step negotiation process as advocated by many traditional negotiation trainers you will be set up for failure more often than for success.

Our approach has been specifically designed to help you navigate through this complexity – particularly in a business-to-business trading environment. It’s ideally suited for you if you prefer a flexible approach that can be adapted to suit almost any business environment.

Following our approach to business negotiation will equip you with the know-how and confidence you need to succeed at any business related negotiation, no matter how high the stakes or how many issues or people may be involved.

2. Practice against skilled negotiators, not other participants.

Our approach is the only negotiation training that incorporates the use of a one-on-one filmed negotiation with a trained negotiation counterpart as a standard part of the curriculum. Other training methods use filmed practice sessions, but you will be practicing against other participants.

When you participate in a Imperium Negotiations training engagement, you will be simulating a business case with a trained negotiation expert. Then we analyze your footage, one-on-one, and your performance is bench marked against more than 4,000 people who have previously participated in these simulations. This means that you’ll have a detailed, specific, and personal development plan that will allow you to immediately improve your negotiation results.

For companies who choose in-house training, simulations are customized for actual business negotiations team members face in their jobs everyday.

3. Our Preparation Checklist delivers predictable, measurable results and repeatable success.

As a graduate of our program, you will receive access to the Imperium Negotiation Navigator. This powerful tool combines 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest organizations and in 60 countries. Brands like Adidas, Pfizer and Vodafone use our checklist to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that hurt results. Used regularly, it will enable you to measure and consistently improve your performance and maximize your results every time.

4. We specialize in business negotiation exclusively.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t believe that all negotiations are the same. You require a different skill set to be a great business negotiator than to be a mediator or conflict resolution expert. We are specialists in business negotiations. If you want to be more successful in your commercial negotiations, the Imperium Negotiations approach is the most robust and flexible methodology available anywhere at any price.

5. It works anywhere in the world.

We’ve gained experience internationally by doing business in and delivering negotiation training and consulting in 60 countries to date. This means that the Imperium approach has been proven to work in multi-cultural environments. It successfully stands up to the scrutiny of global brands and market leaders.

6. You learn by doing.

Anyone can read some books and learn the general theory of negotiation. But you only master the art and make it second nature with practice. This is why we believe in learning by doing. While you will be taught the theories and background you need, you will primarily engage in practical simulations, exercises, and games – all carefully designed to demonstrate theory within a practical business environment.

7. Respect your personal preferences and style.

Before we begin any training, we will assess your personal negotiation preferences and style through in depth profiles. Once we know how you prefer to deal with conflict, we can give you the tools to help you handle any tough negotiation (even if you don’t think you have it in you).

8. No risk 100% money back guarantee.

If you attend any of our trainings and don’t believe what you’ve learned will improve your negotiation success, we will refund your entire fee. No quibbling. Simply tell us that we haven’t met or exceeded your expectations, and the event won’t cost you a thing.

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