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Superpowers For Business Negotiators

29 February & 1 March, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg


In today's business landscape, the ability to negotiate effectively isn't just a skill—it's a game changer. Whether aiming to clinch a crucial deal, striving for a promotion, or establishing stronger partnerships, your negotiation prowess can be the key to unlocking unparalleled success and respect in your field.


This is where the Imperium Advanced Negotiation Academy steps in, a revolutionary program designed to transform your negotiation skills from the ground up. Unlike traditional programs that offer fleeting, short-term workshops, Imperium's unique approach is akin to a rigorous boot camp followed by a year-long journey of continuous skill enhancement, ensuring that your newfound abilities are not just learned but mastered and integrated into your professional repertoire.

The Imperium Advanced Negotiation Academy is your gateway to becoming an elite negotiator. This is not just another training program; it's an immersive experience that aligns your negotiation strategies with industry-leading practices, heightened self-awareness, and expert mentorship.


Imagine a place where your negotiation skills are not only honed in high-intensity scenarios but also nurtured consistently, much like athletes training for top performance. The Imperium Business Negotiation Gym, an integral part of this program, offers a unique online community where you can continually refine your skills. It’s a space where preparation meets opportunity, allowing you to engage in one-on-one negotiations with professionals, receive personalized coaching, and participate in real-world simulations. Here, every interaction is a step towards becoming not just a competent negotiator, but a negotiation virtuoso, respected and recognized by peers and leaders alike.

So, if you're ready to elevate your career, increase your earning potential, and gain the confidence to navigate any business scenario with finesse, the Imperium Advanced Negotiation Academy awaits. It's more than a program; it's a transformational journey to becoming the negotiator everyone wants on their side.

IMPERIUM delivers turnkey business negotiation skills development solutions that harness innovation and technology to deliver extremely personalized and high impact results. 


For business negotiation skills development interventions, we recommend a comprehensive approach that will deliver high impact with a focus on generating sustainable results over the long term. We offer face-to-face blended and fully remote programs all built on the same DNA and delivering the same, high-impact outcomes. Below is a summary of our approach, highlighting the key steps. 


Intensity vs Sustainability

The ultimate ROI of any skills development project is based on achieving a consistent change in behavior. Participating in a once-off intervention is highly unlikely to lead to a sustained improvement in your business negotiation results.


In the same way your fitness will not be positively impacted over the long term by only exercising once for two or three days but rather by exercising regularly, participants' negotiation skills and's negotiation results will only be successfully impacted through the implementation of a program that focuses on consistently implementing best and leading business negotiation practices over time. 



We haven't transferred our skills from the world of conflict resolution, academia or hostage negotiation to the business world. No, our experience and expertise come from having been in business negotiations all of our working lives. As much as others would like to impress with their experience negotiating peace treaties or teaching negotiation at universities, we recognize that elite level business negotiation demands a specialized set of strategies, tools, tactics and techniques that are required to succeed in the global market place.

Just like a great golfer will not necessarily be an amazing basket ball player, it is not true that because you're a great hostage negotiator that you will also be a great  business negotiator. Even though great golfers and basket player are both exceptional sportspeople and will have many character traits in common, each sport requires a specialized approach for success. Our focus is and has always been restricted to business negotiations. We provide you with real business results: Growth, savings, profit, self-improvement and success.

>14,000 Students
Most Major Industries
Proven In 65 Countries
Several Fortune 500 Clients

We teach both strategic & tactical elite-level business negotiation

Most negotiation skills training programs are either so academic that you struggle to apply the concepts to your business or they are so tactical that they don't create value or impact long-term relationships positively. At Imperium, we teach full stack, strategic, and tactical negotiation skills, and approaches so that you can harness the full spectrum of opportunity offered and stand your ground in the boardroom and the trenches.

Strategic Business Negotiation

Business people closing high-value complex deals tend to prefer a strategic approach to negotiation, but invariably they come up against counterparts who purposely apply a tactical approach to negotiation (professional procurement departments, sole vendors etc.), leading to frustration, excess discounting, overpayment, and lost opportunities. We ensure that our students are equipped with the latest mega deal strategic negotiation skills, tools & templates, but we also ensure that they are able to stand their ground tactically against the most adversarial and uncompromising counterparts.


Tactical  Business Negotiation

Tactical negotiation approaches can not solve strategic issues. Many stakeholders who prefer a tactical approach to negotiation miss out on the significant gains that can be achieved through the establishment of an organizational or departmental negotiation capability that apply negotiation best and leading practices consistently throughout the high-ticket deal-making life cycle. While we equip all our students with the tactical business negotiation tools and techniques they need to extract the most value from each transaction, we also ensure that typically tactical negotiators are set up to have a strategic impact.


Learn everything, conquer anything

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you everything you need to succeed in business negotiation today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm.

Creating A Vision For Deal Making

Understanding the big picture, creating aspirational negotiation goals, and establishing an organizational negotiation capability.

Picking The Right Strategy

When to compete, compromise, avoid, collaborate & accommodate. How to identify your counterpart's strategy.

Setting Deal  Objectives

There is a science to setting objectives. How to anchor, re-anchor and control the frame of the negotiation. Proactively control the reference points.

Winning Negotiation Scripts

Comprehensive scripts for transactional negotiations. Outline game plans for complex negotiations. Flexible and proven.

Negotiation Preference Profiling

Get an in-depth understanding of your negotiation preferences & competencies so you can move from default to design.

Preparation Check List

Consistently apply business negotiation best and leading practices to each and every negotiation. Connect the dots leading to consistent results.

Managing The Climate

Creating an atmosphere for deal-making. How to manage the negotiation environment. Winning in an adversarial climate.

Communicating Persuasively

How to present your case in such a way as to optimize the likelihood of your counterparts moving in your direction. 

Negotiation Strategy

Insights and templates to create an organizational negotiation strategy for your team, department, or organization.

Sources Of Negotiation Power

Analyze the relative positions of power brought to the table. Increase your own power and erode your counterpart's.

Using & Countering Tactics

The 30 most commonly used business negotiation tactics, including the highly adversarial tactics preferred by many professional procurement organizations. Whether by design or default, learn both how to use and counter them all.

How To Harness Concessions

How to gain and make concessions in a way that will optimize your deal. How to maximize deal satisfaction for all parties.

Understanding Interests

Learn what really motivates you, your organization, your counterparts, and their organization. Effortlessly uncover the common ground.

Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Easy and highly practical ways to cut through the haze and confusion of cross-cultural deal-making. Shorten the deal-making cycle.

Create Muscle Memory

Knowledge is not enough. Without resistance, you can't develop strength. Learn how to simulate negotiations to practice your skills.



Payment Terms

  • Full investment fee payable upfront to reserve your place. 

  • Group discounts available. 

We are so confident that our training will positively impact your business negotiation results that we offer a 100%, no quibble, money-back guarantee. If you complete the training program and you don't believe that it has presented you with any value, simply ask for a full refund and we'll credit you with the full program fee paid, no hassles or fine print. 




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Jan Potgieter is the Managing Director of Imperium Negotiation Solutions. Jan is the creator of the Imperium negotiation methodology, which enables the new class of elite business negotiators to confidently and immediately start saving time and money, increasing their earnings, and building mutually rewarding, long-term relationships.

A leading proponent of a best practice approach to negotiations, Jan has proven instrumental in integrating an approach to negotiation that seeks to create a corporate negotiation capability that provides demonstrable competitive differentiation within international client organizations. After gaining a thorough understanding of the client's organizational reality, Jan can bridge the gap between organizational imperatives and the status quo by designing or redesigning a negotiation strategy supported by processes that seamlessly integrate with the client organization's existing sales, purchasing or executive infrastructure to unlock bottom line value immediately.

Jan gained an MBA specializing in Negotiation Skills under the leadership of Professor Manie Spoelstra. A corporate architect, Jan's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited through the market need for a principle-centered, best practice-based negotiation consulting and training approach that creates an enduring organizational negotiation capability.

Jan relentlessly focuses on creating rapid bottom-line results and strengthening client relationships and market reputation. Jan began his career in the financial services industry as a Certified Financial Planner and a Broker Consultant. Excelling in several different roles for leading organizations, he consistently outperformed his growth objectives. He has exhibited a particular flair for gaining a foothold in mature, competitive markets.

The next challenge for Jan was the Information Technology (IT) sector. Starting as a District Sales Manager in a complex enterprise software application environment, he soon graduated to be named General Manager and Public Sector Sales Director for a global systems integrator. As a result of his corporate background, Jan managed to gain extensive experience in both the private and public sector environments.

During his career in the corporate sector, Jan consistently outperformed his growth objectives. His negotiation skills and experience were shaped by the multi-million dollar deals successfully closed and managed on a day-to-day basis. To date, Jan has been involved in negotiating or consulting to commercial deals totaling more than $ 4 billion.

Jan has conducted assignments globally and has lived in Europe, America, and Africa. He is particularly interested in complex M&A and cross-cultural negotiations involving the deployment of teams for optimal value creation and effectiveness. Jan brings a considerable specialization in applying strategic negotiation best practices to the executive domain. In addition to conducting negotiation workshops worldwide (he has delivered assignments in 65 countries to date), Jan regularly consults with leading organizations internationally on negotiation strategies and best practice processes.

Jan has significant experience in high value, cross-industry, and cross-cultural negotiations, which he has gained while on assignment with global organizations such as Vodafone, Telefonica, Pfizer, IBM, Adidas, Macquarie Bank, RBS, Network Rail, TFL, The NHS, Schlumberger, Victrex, Motorola, Nycomed, Altana AG, The Hilton Group and others.

Author of Negotiation: Your Hottest Currency, Jan enjoys frequent invitations to speak at local and global seminars and has lectured at universities and business schools as far away as Poland, Germany, Ireland, and South Korea.

Jan has deployed innovation as a critical driver to the market positioning of Imperium Negotiation Solutions. To obtain different results from competitors, he advocates that organizations must design and deploy innovative and challenging strategies and supporting processes that clearly distinguish them from their competitors. He is passionate about deploying constant innovation in negotiation as a critical differentiator to unlock competitive advantage.

Founder and driver of Imperium's unique methodology, Jan has been formally recognized for his innovative approach to delivering real business benefits. Jan is the proud winner of the World of Learning Award for 'Best Instructor-Led Training in the United Kingdom.


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