Ben Brown DBA (OU) is a coach with Imperium Negotiations, a management consultancy which enables the new class of elite business negotiators to immediately save time and money, increase their earnings and build mutually rewarding, long term relationships.


Originally trained as a hands-on mechanical engineer, Ben’s career quickly developed to encompass system design and project management, before making the transition to front-line sales. After fast track promotions to board level, his negotiation skills have been fully applied when working with a number of globally positioned food retailers for the specification and procurement of key engineering components. In a market comprising multiple competitors and single figure margin expectations, Ben consistently delivered double digit returns, often enhanced by exclusive multi-year supply contracts.


Establishing sound business relationships, achieving an engendered level of trust and working with clearly defined objectives in pursuit of preferred outcomes, are keystones of Ben’s approach. These skills have been integral elements; both of his methodology and that of the several sales and marketing teams he’s previously established and led.


Throughout his career, Ben has recognized the need for existing skills to be regularly exercised and improved and it is only through a continuous review of negotiation techniques that best-outcome results can be expected. Ben's friendly and approachable style enables him to help, support and nurture clients in their pursuit of higher levels of success.


When not helping clients to achieve their training goals, Ben enjoys several recreational pursuits, including golf (quite good), scuba diving (quite bad) and keeping fit (still need to lose a few pounds).

UK: +44(0)208 638 6734, USA: (512) 487-7451

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