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superpowers for BUSINESS

'Absolute Negotiation Power' breaks business negotiation down to basic building blocks and tells you how to assemble them for success.

Get equipped with elite level skills & proven processes, gain laser-like focus and reprogram your brain and/or your organization for superhuman negotiation capability.

Business negotiation isn't magic, it's cause and effect.

Absolute Negotiation Power gets business negotiators laser-focused on the simple deal making actions that create big reactions. You'll find our students adding value, practicing their skills in challenging simulations with professional negotiators (not just their co-students) optimizing negotiation systems and producing improved results, not listening to academic theories, experiments conducted on undergraduates, or hostage negotiation 'war' stories.

We help passionate and highly committed entrepreneurs and business people

This specimen represents 98% of business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, asset managers, salespeople and professional buyers that rely on experience and specialized knowledge to close deals. So focused on winning the argument based on the excellence of their solutions and methodologies, they are often frustrated by having to deal with the 'people' aspects of closing deals. They tend to see business as a game that should be won by the best evidence and argument only, not the best marketing approach, people skills or storytelling ability.  

Become world class deal makers

This specimen is rare accounting for only 2% of business people. They feed on value, clarity, efficiency and powerful people skills. They understand that if you know more about people than you do about your product, solution or service, you will be unusually successful. You won't find them arguing their point only supported by facts and figures. They know how manage multiple stakeholders and how to present information and arguments in ways that optimize the likelihood of big ticket deals being closed. They are deliberate, scientific, see business and relationships clearly, and always win.

Here's how it works

Imperium gets corporate and other business negotiators laser-focused on the simple actions that create big reactions. Our method is built on the back of four guiding principles:

Proven Process

Extreme Personal Awareness


We turned the guesswork of big deal negotiating with formidable counterparts into a science. Follow practical step- by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable frameworks and check lists. 


Get to know your deal making strengths and weaknesses in detail. Learn what motivates you and your counterparts so that you can maintain momentum towards agreement even when the facts don't look like they will fall into place.

Expert Mentorship

Business Specific Application & Constant Improvement


No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get access to world class professional negotiation experts to get your questions answered. Participate in one on one negotiations with experts & get detailed, personalized debriefings.


Our methodology is specifically and exclusively designed for the business world. We never stop evolving our contents and methods so you will find no outdated approaches that are no longer valid in a technology driven market place.

Battle tested and proven results

We haven't transferred our skills from the world of conflict resolution, academia or hostage negotiation to the business world. No, our experience and expertise come from having been in business negotiations all of our working lives. As much as others would like to impress with their experience negotiating peace treaties or teaching negotiation at universities, we recognize that elite level business negotiation demands a specialized set of strategies, tools, tactics and techniques that are required to succeed in the global market place.


Just like a great golfer will not necessarily be an amazing basket ball player, it is not true that because you're a great hostage negotiator that you will also be a great  business negotiator. Even though great golfers and basket player are both exceptional sportspeople and will have many character traits in common, each sport requires a specialized approach for success. Our focus is and has always been restricted to business negotiations. We provide you with real business results: Growth, savings, profit, self-improvement and success.

>12,000 Students
Most Major Industries
Proven In 65 Countries
Several Fortune 500 Clients

We teach both strategic & tactical elite level business negotiation

Most negotiation skills training programs are either so academic that you struggle to apply the concepts to your business or they are so tactical that they don't create value or impact long term relationships positively. At Imperium, we teach full stack, strategic and tactical negotiation skills and approaches so that you are able to harness the full spectrum of opportunity offered and stand your ground in the boardroom as well as in the trenches.


Strategic Business Negotiation


Business people closing high value complex deals tend to prefer a strategic approach to negotiation but invariably they come up against counterparts who purposely apply a tactical approach to negotiation (professional procurement departments, sole vendors etc.) leading to frustration, excess discounting, over payment and lost opportunities. We ensure that our students are equipped with the latest mega deal strategic negotiation skills, tools & templates but we also ensure that they are able to stand their ground tactically against the most adversarial and uncompromising counterparts.


Tactical  Business Negotiation


Tactical negotiation approaches can not solve strategic issues. Many stakeholders who prefer a tactical approach to negotiation miss out on the significant gains that can be achieved through the establishment of an organizational or departmental negotiation capability that apply negotiation best and leading practices consistently throughout the high ticket deal making life cycle. While we equip all our students with the tactical business negotiation tools and techniques they need to extract the most value from each transaction, we also ensure that typically tactical negotiators are set up to have strategic impact.

Learn everything, conquer anything

The building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on. We teach you everything you need to succeed in business negotiation today, tomorrow, in the future, and against any storm.

Creating A Vision For Deal Making

Understanding the big picture, creating aspirational negotiation goals, establishing an organizational negotiation capability.

Picking The Right Strategy

When to compete, compromise, avoid, collaborate & accommodate. How to identify your counterpart's strategy.

Setting Deal  Objectives

There is a science to setting objectives. How to anchor, re-anchor and control the frame of the negotiation. Proactively control the reference points.

Winning Negotiation Scripts

Comprehensive scripts for transactional negotiations. Outline game plans for complex negotiations. Flexible and proven.

Negotiation Preference Profiling

Get an in depth understanding of your negotiation preferences & competencies so you can move from default to design.

Preparation Check List

Consistently apply business negotiation best and leading practices to each and every negotiation. Connect the dots leading to consistent results.

Managing The Climate

Creating an atmosphere for deal making. How to manage the negotiation environment. Winning in an adversarial climate.

Communicating Persuasively

How to present your case in such a way as to optimize the likelihood of your counterparts moving in your direction. 

Negotiation Strategy

Insights and templates to create an organizational negotiation strategy for your team, department or organization.

Sources Of Negotiation Power

Analyze the relative positions of power brought to the table. Increase your own power and erode your counterpart's.

Using & Countering Tactics

The 30 most commonly used business negotiation tactics. Whether by design or default, learn both how to use and counter them all.

How To Harness Concessions

How to gain and make concessions in a way that will optimize your deal. How to maximize deal satisfaction for all parties.

Understanding Interests

Learn what really motivates you, your organization, your counterparts, their organization. Effortlessly uncover the common ground.

Cross Cultural Negotiation

Easy and highly practical ways to cut through the haze and confusion of cross cultural deal making. Shorten the deal making cycle.

Create Muscle Memory

Knowledge is not enough. Without resistance you can't develop strength. Learn how to simulate negotiations to practice your skills.

3 Stages Of Evolution

Whether you're brand new to corporate business negotiation or a Fortune 500 player Imperium has you covered!

Business Negotiation Success Program

Summary >


Find your feet. Gain confidence. Understand the fundamentals. Consistently apply negotiation best practices.

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Level 1.png
Absolute Negotiation Power Program

Summary >


Master business negotiations. Go toe to toe with the heavyweights. Become a dangerous business negotiator.

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Level 2.png
 Negotiation Coach Certification Program

Summary >


Set new standards of excellence. Contribute to the body of knowledge. Become a business negotiation coach.

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Level 3.png

Learn the way that best suits you

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. All courses come with online, physical, social, live and simulated material.

Online package.png

100 % Digital delivery

Watch training videos in 1080p HD, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.


Live 1 on 1 negotiation simulations & coaching calls with professional business negotiators

Participate in 1 on 1 business negotiation simulations not only with other participants but also with professional negotiators. Receive detailed individual feedback on your negotiation strengths & weaknesses. Every participant has access to individual coaching calls.

JCP Book.png
Toolkit Image.png

Comprehensive notes, toolkits, templates & check lists

We ship you physical training materials to provide the ultimate deep learning experience. Learn online through the e-learning platform, through classic printed books, or both.

You're in good company

Thousands of people working for themselves, small and medium sized enterprises or large enterprises around the world have used Imperium to gain negotiation confidence, get the edge,  improve their knowledge, grow their returns and change their life.

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